Smile you’re in Bahia!

The first day I arrived in Bahia I was greeted by tropical heat, smiles and a long wait. I was waiting for a friend of a friend to take me to paradise (Itacaré). It was definitely well worth the wait. The friend who came along greeted me with smiles and chocolate ice cream.

I had taught English for 6 months in Florianopolis, during that time I heard whispers of this magical state in the north east of Brazil. Curious to find out more I booked a one-way ticket to Ilheus.

What makes me fall in love with Bahia? The tropical climate, the beautiful beaches, the surfing and the people.

For the first time, I saw colonial buildings standing next to wild and luscious rain-forest. The beach life presence is hard to ignore. Perhaps a mini Hawaii, as the majority of locals carry a surf board and head towards the ocean.

This part of Brazil is called the Costa do Cacoa (the cocoa coast). Literally there are many places selling fresh chocolate and actual cocoa beans! People often advise you to be careful when walking under the many palm trees as falling coconuts can cause serious harm.

The fresh food sold at the local markets are in abundant. Fruit is the best part of the market. Brazil produces thousands of weird and wonderful fruit. My favourite is the coconut and watermelon.

When I am at the beach I often like to buy an iced coconut. Here we can actually drink it out of the coconut! Another drink I like is caldo de cana. This drink is best prepared with ginger and lemon.

Life here is peaceful, slow and relaxing. It feels like a very healthy place to be. I am enjoying living here!



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