Tasty discoveries

I love food. That’s a well-known fact by anyone who knows me. I love fresh food, healthy food and the not so healthy food. Chocolate too, however that is in a whole different category.

Whilst travelling Brazil I have encountered a multitude of tasty concoctions, either through venturing to a delightful café to discovering my friend’s own recipes.

Brigadeiro is one of the first treats I tried here in Brazil. It is a very sweet chocolate ball, sold in many patisserie shops. It’s delicious but only in small quantities, I can’t handle the sweetness. My favourite one I tried was at a friend’s birthday party. There the brigadeiro had a grape in the middle. Unfortunately, I have no pictures, as they are small and I am a fast eater.

Tapioca, best served with banana and cinnamon. The best tapioca I have ever eaten was in Rio de Janeiro at Café Alto in Santa Teresa. Beautifully soft white tapioca flour is gently heated for less than two minutes. Café Alto are able to create the perfect thickness, which is something I have yet to master. The banana and cinnamon has always been my favourite filling. I am now hooked to this recipe, and is my go to breakfast choice. (It’s quick and easy, the only dilemma is what will I do when I return to the UK? Is there a shop that sells tapioca??)DSC_0026

Banana shake and/ or banana ice cream was first introduced to me by none other than my truly wonderful friend Luiza. Frozen banana is blended with cacao, chia seeds and acaí pulp. The frozen banana once blended creates a smooth ice cream effect. I was fooled the first time, I thought I was eating ice cream… not bananas! It’s also healthier.

Avocado, lime, salt and pepper spread onto toast. Before you judge me, try it for yourself. This is my other go to breakfast choice. Lunch choice and perhaps even dinner.

Popcorn homemade with turmeric, coconut oil and salt and pepper. Corn Is everywhere, and it is cheap. Whilst travelling it is easy to make and will save you a penny or two.

Scrambled eggs, but with turmeric and pepper. A warming sensation in the mouth gives a little something extra, making it all the more satisfying.

Acaí. Cold, delicious and full of energy. Typically eaten for breakfast, but it would work well at any time of the day. Often served with granola and banana. However, as a sweeter option it can be served up with condensed milk and extra fruit toppings. I prefer the less extravagant option. The acai is a Brazilian fruit found in the Amazon. The berries are full of energy, which I can testify to. Often acai is mixed with guarana to give it a sweet taste. If you can find the natural version you’re very lucky.IMG_20160131_134619

Pão de queijo, now that it’s gone I realise how much I love it. At first I wasn’t impressed, it was just a ball of cheese and bread. But now, after five months in Brazil, I have come to love the ball of cheese bread. It is made with tapioca flour, which gives it a unique texture. Now that I am in Bahia I can’t find it. I am devastated.IMG_20160703_171826

Vegan pão de queijo tastes even better! But it is a secret recipe from Luiza. Again made with tapioca but instead of cheese, there is potato and herbs. Absolutely wonderful.

Grilled pineapple and cinnamon caramelised together. I first had this at Biergarten hostel in Ilha Grande. I haven’t managed to recreate it myself. It’s a tropical dream in your mouth. It’s warm, sweet with the soft spice of cinnamon.

Gluten free apple crumble! I wanted to create something British for my Brazilian friend. British food isn’t all that bad. When I found the recipe from Ella Woodward’s website I couldn’t resist trying it. It’s now our favourite dish for when the tropical rain lasts the whole afternoon.IMG_20160215_190323


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  1. Naomi says:

    Wow! Well when you get back you will have to come and stay with me for a few days and cook me some Brazilian food! 😉 Great posts! Glad you are still having an amazing time! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course Nims! It will be soon I hope. it seems that I can get some of the ingredients in the UK!!! 🙂 xxx


  2. Paul Ingram says:

    I’m not much of a foodie, but some of this looks good enough to eat off the page.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brazilian food is delicious! And a lot of it can be very healthy too.


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