Florianópolis is an island off the southern coast of Brazil. It seems to be drenched in sunlight and rain year round. Smiling faces reflect from one to another and boomerang from all corners of the island. The majority of locals are charming, warm hearted, kind and sincere. For the past five months I have been fortunate enough to call Florianópolis my home.

There are beaches with water that glitters in the sunshine, sand that is soft and squeaky, trees that offer shelter and beach vendors who interrupt the peace.

My favourite place on the island is Praia Matadeiro. An enchanting beach tucked behind some hills and trees. The people bob and dance their way to the beach. All completing their morning ritual, heading towards the rhythm of the ocean.

Having a glimpse of the beach in the early hours of the morning is heaven. It is like waking up to a dream. The rolling waves come in to the soft sand and only surfers and the odd passer-by is there to greet you.  IMG_0046


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