Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande immediately captivated my soul. As soon as I saw the island, resting peacefully in the gloomy grey clouds, I was reminded of King Kong the movie. There was a rusty boat waiting to take us to the island. Once boarded it bobbed along quickly towards the looming mountains, of Ilha Grande. I enjoyed every second of my stay there, although I do think that it is better as a romantic getaway, with prince charming… instead of solo adventure.


The main points:

  • The weather is wonderfully tropical
  • There are no cars or roads (except for a tiny little rubbish jeep)
  • There are boat rides to different beaches
  • There is a great place to eat food
  • There is a lot of wildlife (monkeys!)
  • There are beaches
  • There are waves you can surf!

It is a shame that I can’t live and work there. So I will just have to visit the island as often as possible. I feel that the island is calling me back in my sleep.

The boats are all supposed to dock in the harbour called Vila do Abraao. Unfortunately, our boat didn’t get that far. An emergency stop was needed at one end of the island. This was due to smoke protruding profusely out from the bottom of the boat. Thick black smoke quickly followed, coming from the engine. All the passengers were ready to jump over board. Luckily we were close to dry land.


The island is beautiful, with emerald forests tumbling down to golden sands. Praia Lopes Mendes has won awards for being among the top ten beaches in the world, however this particular beach has soft squeaky white sand. I was in paradise.



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